Genk (@8.0) vs Liverpool (@1.3)

Our Prediction:

Liverpool will win

Genk – Liverpool Match Prediction | 23-10-2019 15:00

They finished the season with 73 points, two points clear of second-placed Club Brugge. Genk won their second domestic trophy in 2002 and the team lifted the Belgian Pro League title in 2011 as well. Genk clinched one Belgian Pro League trophy in the 20th century, with the team winning the 1989/1999 title. Speaking of the Belgian Cup, the club clinched their fourth trophy in the competition in 2013.

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To note, the Smurfs have managed to score at least two goals against Salzburg in their previous CL clash. Despite the 6 goals on-slaughter they managed to fight back, which shows they can score goals. The home team has failed to score goals against the opposite team in only two out of the last eight home ties in their respective league.

Salzburg kick off their Champions League campaign with a match against Genk at their Red Bull Arena. Top scorer from the last season Munas Dabbur left the club in the summer transfer window, but Japan international Takumi Minanimo is likely to pose a big threat for the opposition defenders. The Red Bulls made a flying start to their Austrian Bundesliga campaign and they are likely to stick to their attacking style of play against Genk.

The hosting contingent, Genk, had their opening Champions League match away from home and was thrashed by Salzburg with a 6-2 score on the board. Napoli had a very convincing opening match win at home against the reigning champions, Liverpool, with a clean sheet. The Seria A runners up in the Italian league will be visiting the Belgian First Division Champions in Group E.

They are in a very good shape currently and will use their form to win the three points from the bout. The Blues have lost only two of the last seven away games in Seria A. The visitors had a good run in their home match and this match will test whether they can fare well away from home too.

Genk, on the other hand, are back to the Champions League following an eight-year absence and they surely aim to impress on their return to the elite competition. Given the attacking potential of the Belgian outfit, we believe that there is a big value in betting on both teams to score. You should bear in mind that the two teams have never met before in the Champions League before.

KV Mechelen - Genk H2H

If a leader cant take part in a game for some reason, this may take its toll and result in an unfortunate scoreline for his team. Thus, injured and disqualified players are also of importance. That is why we consider all ingredients that make a recipe for success in football. To provide you with a football match preview and prediction, we take all factors that may affect the course of a game into account.

Capable of operating as a defensive midfielder, but much more dangerous as an attacking midfielder, Junuzovic has been a key player for Austria for several years now and he was in fine form as Das Team secured their place at the Euro 2016 finals. The highly rated midfielder has been a member of the national team for over ten years and chances are he will not be retiring any time soon.

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