S Watanabe (@3.0) vs T Saito (@1.33)

Our Prediction:

T Saito will win

S Watanabe – T Saito Match Prediction | 06-09-2019 00:30

This is another random Skywalker singles match, but this time hes squared off against the Brave Gate Champion, but the title is not on the line. Shun Skywalker match we saw a month ago. Another very strange, yet welcome match on a big show. Case: Hmmmm, this is almost as odd as the Kzy vs. This is probably the only match that, on paper at least, could be better than the Mochizuki Dojo vs. MaxiMuM tag.

I fear that his next injury could be his last, because even if his past wasnt riddled with injuries, he is no spring chicken. Here he is, though, alive and kicking in the most Match 0 of all Match 0s. Case: Im very happy K-Ness is back and healthy. I wont throw a fit if we never see this.

KAZMA hasnt been bad as an outsider member, just underwhelming. Two years ago, I would call Eita a mystery, but now it is clear that the crowd views him as a pretty underwhelming upper-midcarder. This R.E.D. He keeps up with everyone and adds some size, but I dont miss him when hes not around. team is certainlysomething. Kandas a lot like Gamma in that we know who he is: probably the low person on R.E.D.s unit list, doesnt really do a whole lot, and just has his black and red box. 2016 is a lifetime ago for him.

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That stinks. Mike: Its cool to finally see Ultimo face against his constant partners Masato Yoshino and Dragon Kid in this series. His teamwork with Tribe Vanguard will be interesting to say the very least. One thing we know for certain: Lees taking the fall. Ultimo has been a pleasant surprise and at the very least, we wont have to watch him versus the shell of BxB Hulk in this match.

WE. This simile got away from me.) As long as this gets time, this could be outstanding. GO.Doi and Ishida have become the tag team out of MaxiMuM and theyve ruled. Mike: HERE. Dois going to be the mustard on this baloney (Ishida) sandwich (Mochizuki and Okuda are the bread. Its nuts). Okuda has become an incredibly interesting part of this promotion and has a move that really should be considered when places do their best of the year ballot (Frankensteiner Triangle.

I think Watanabe will be more interesting as a character when he decides to leave the Dojo, and I believe theres more left in the tank of the Strong Machine run. My gut says to go with the Strong Machine Army.

Minamino-Muta E, Kato T, Morimoto T, Taniguchi T, Nakatsuma K, Kimura Y, Inoko M, Shirai S, Kanamori N, Murata K, Kitai T, Kawase Y, Miyake M, Izumi C, Mitsuoka H, Hirano Y, Sasa T, Nagao K, Inada T, Nishikawa R, Takeuchi Y, Yamagami S, Yamane K, Su K, Komasa A, Ishii K, Yamashita Y, Kato Y, Takabayashi K, Saito N, Minatoya K, Kimura T; CURRENT AS registry Investigators.

Open the Brave Gate Championship MatchDragon Kid vs. Bandido

And in our second high stakes non-title match of the night, he gets Shun Skywalker. Like Case mentioned, HUGE MATCH WITH DOIYOSHI ON SEPTEMBER 1ST WHERE REALLY ANYONE IN THAT MATCH COULD CHALLENGE BEN IF HE RETAINED. He ate a brutal Ragnarok at Korakuen from Bens challenger tonight, YAMATO. Hes someone whos been more and more frustrated that he hasnt been able to break through to the next level like his ally and rival Ben-K. In another year in another era, this would be match two of the Shun Skywalker Elite Elevation Trial Series. Or something like that.

But this should be the first, of hopefully, many keys for Ben-Ks title belt. The two showed a willingness to sock each other right in the face at Korakuen. Potentially, Ben could have his remaining defenses for this year settled by the tag match on the 1st in Sendai.