Syracuse (@1.1) vs Liberty (@7.0)

Our Prediction:

Syracuse will win

Syracuse – Liberty Match Prediction | 29-08-2019 18:00

They were 112th in the nation in points allowed on defense with 442. The Liberty Flames rush defense allowed 509 attempts for 2,670 yards last year, putting them in 112th place in D-1 against the run. Liberty committed 65 penalties for 612 yards on the defensive side of the ball last season. Opposing offenses completed 234 passes on 413 attempts against the Liberty defense last season, placing them 68th and 83rd in Division 1. That ranked them 38th in college football. The Liberty Flames pass defense also gave up a total of 3,155 yards through the air, which was 98th overall in total pass defense. They surrendered a total of 5,825 yards on D, which was 116th in the country. The Flames were ranked 114th in yards per play allowed with 6.3.

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On that note the goal and hope is 1-0 come Saturday night and its so so special that Syracuse football season is underway. Please try to do the same, and while your doing that play the Friday Night Lights theme to really get the images blasting. Its absolutely amazing that we are in the top 25 to start the season and I have to pinch myself everyday to realize this is reality and isnt a dream. 4) Just savor every single game that this team plays, its a 3.5 month season if things go are way, it comes and goes so quick so make sure you stop and really take in what is happening. Keep believing yall!!!

The Bottom Line What to bet on this game.

Its refreshing and reassuring that a Syracuse coach can do that. Anytime I hear Babers speak my heart flutters like when I used to hear Skippys ice cream truck jingle all the way down the street as a child. 2) Coaching, Ive never been more confident in a coach to execute a game plan like I am in living legend Dino Babers, regardless if we have not seen opponent and with their new coach in slimeball hugh freeze, I expect us to be able to figure out weakness and breakdown anything that needs to be down in game.

They ran 935 plays last season for 5,075 yards, which ranked them 50th in Division 1 in total offense. The Flames ran for 1,937 yards as a team last year, which ranked 85th in college football. They were 46th in the nation in points scored with 400. The Liberty Flames were penalized on offense 52 times for 458 yards last season, which had them 125th in the country in penalties. As a team they accumulated a total of 276 1st downs last year, placing them 57th overall as an offensive unit. Liberty averaged 5.4 yards per play, which was 96th in college football. They ran 487 times, averaging 4 yards per carry as a rushing unit.

The Fist-Pump TD counter where we keep track of all of Syracuses offensive touchdowns on the season. Get the official t-shirt here and make your guess in the comments on how many offensive touchdowns the Orange score this year and see if you earn bragging rights. For the new year well have a new statistic to track throughout the season.

I expect us to have 8- 10 sacks in the game and Hugh freeze will be throwing in the white towel by the end of the 3rd quarter. There is a new world order in college football and its coming from Syracuse, New York and we will show the country again under the flood lights in hostile territory that we are just tooooo sweeeet. 3) Defensive line play, we have the two best bookends in college football history in Alton Robinson and Kendall Coleman and we are going to eat that junior varsity offense line of liberty for supper.

Their rushing defense gave up 488 attempts for 2,113 yards last season, putting them in 67th place in the country against the run. The Orange were 75th in yards per play allowed with 5.8. Opponent offenses completed 255 throws on 463 attempts against the Syracuse Orange defense last season, ranking them 101st and 115th in the nation. They gave up a total of 5,545 yards on D, which was 100th in D-1. That placed them 109th in college football. The Syracuse pass defense also surrendered a total of 3,433 yards in the air, which was 119th overall in total pass defense. The Orange had 99 penalties for 800 yards on defense last year. Syracuse was 69th in the country in points surrendered on defense with 351 last year.

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thats right Liberty is putting that out in their pre game ads and its cute and all. We need to smack them right away with a bomb from Tommy d to Nykiem Johnson, and then crush their hearts running inside and outside with Neal, Adams and Howard. I do respect that in the sense that every game Syracuse Football plays is my life and it feels like in the moment its the most monumental thing to ever happen to me. 1) Biggest game in program history... We are going to leave those fake clown show fans (their student section wears clown masks) what its like to be taken to the woodshed and paddled properly.

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