Union St Gilloise (@2.1) vs Oud-Heverlee Leuven (@3.1)

Our Prediction:

Union St Gilloise will win

Union St Gilloise – Oud-Heverlee Leuven Match Prediction | 14-09-2019 11:00

They were not promoted to the Pro League a couple of years ago after winning the Proximus League (second tier), due to financial impropriety, and subsequently had all licenses revoked. Just like that. White Star Woluwe (as they were then, later becoming RWS Brussels) were playing in the second tier, at Stade Fallon, where my kids did after-school sports, but it never seemed professional. The club no longer exist. I didnt realise Brussels had more than one professional football team when I arrived in 2011.

Anyway, enough about the bar. The seating is unassigned, so those with standing tickets could easily sit down, as I did in the second half. After the security minion frisked my sweaty garments for longer than was comfortable, I was in. The paths running behind the seats and behind the stadium offer a good view and easy access in and out of the terracing. There is one principal entrance for everyone except the guests of honour and the away fans.

I have walked through this park several times, often lingering around dubiously while my kids were at a party at the nearby Stardust Park, and I had never seen a football stadium. However, Union Saint-Gilloise (or USG) have been in existence since 1897, having been Belgian league champions eleven times (most recently in 1935). The club had been playing their home fixtures at Stade Roi Baudouin (Heysel) for two years while Stade Mariens safety was improved. The Belgian second division is awash with interesting partnerships, reality-TV show players, bizarre foreign investment and financial insolvency. The Stade Jospeh Marien, where the club has played since the 1920s, is on the edge of Parc Duden in the neighbouring commune of Forest. The majority shareholder is also the Chairman of Brighton and Hove Albion, so Id expect some kind of affiliation to be announced in the future. Todays opponents, OH Leuven, are owned by Leicesters Bangkok bankroller, and managed my former Leicester boss Nigel Pearson. This makes it a true hidden gem.

Grounds, games, goals and galavanting

A spattering of applause, accompanied the teams emergence and, rather underwhelmingly, the game kicked off. The atmosphere did liven up though, and the Union fans became more vocal and boisterous as the alcohol made it past the fat plaque and into the bloodstream. Hundreds of fans were still queuing to get in, as the security minions long-nailed cavity searches continued. There is always someone who decides to sit down in the crowd though, to get shade or something similarly pathetic, and becomes the principal trip-hazard. Decent quality terrace rails to lean on beats a seat any day, provided its not ridiculously packed.

Also you can check the statistics of possession, shots, corners, offsides, and many other applications. Check Odds stats (Tab Stats->odds), where you will find graphical statistics bet Under / Over and Handicap.In tab Form(Stats->form) you find graph teams form and a list of all matches of Union St.-Gilloise and Oud-Heverlee in season. Our site is not limited to only as this. We invite you to check Union St.-Gilloise and Oud-Heverlee match statistict (Tab Stats->Match statistics), where you will find out who is the best scorer. In the section Schedule you will find full schedule of both teams for the whole season. In tab Goals stats (tab Stats->Goals stats) check how many loses and scored goals per game, how many games won and lost to zero. You will find what results teams Union St.-Gilloise and Oud-Heverlee usually end matches with divided into first and second half.

Oud-Heverlee average scored 1.85 goals per match in season 2019. Below the text is a list of the direct games. Oud-Heverlee won 7 matches. In 2 (100.00%) matches in season 2019 played at home was total goals (team and opponent) Over 2.5 goals. Teams Union St.-Gilloise Oud-Heverlee played so far 18 matches.Union St.-Gilloise won 7 direct matches. In 2 (100.00%) matches played at home was total goals (team and opponent) Over 1.5 goals. In 1 (14.29%) matches played away team was total goals (team and opponent) Over 2.5 goals. In 4 (57.14%) matches played away was total goals (team and opponent) Over 1.5 goals. On average in direct matches both teams scored a 2.28 goals per Match.Union St.-Gilloise in actual season average scored 1.83 goals per match. Below you will find a lot of statistics that make it easier Predict the result for a match between both teams. 4 matches ended in a draw.

I counted seven people in front of me who wanted a ticket in the stand and were told that they were at the standing window, and had to go to the other window. Ten euros for a place on the terrace seemed good value. I supplied my ID card, as those in front were doing this too, but given that I was issued my unreserved ticket two seconds later, this action was probably superfluous. Beautiful Belgian bureaucracy. The ticket booth is immediately adjacent to the entrance on the street but you need to go to the right person at the right window for the right section.

Union Saint Gilloise v Oud Heverlee

Google Maps may be needed, as there is no evidence that you are approaching a ground, anywhere. From De Brouckere, a number 3 or 4 tram to Albert takes around ten minutes, and the walk from tram stop to the ground is a fifteen minute descent by another park. It feels like Coronation Street with an extra tier as you slalom between the potholes and punters, with a dingy, anti-heroin blue neon light that suggests sex and train stations, announcing your arrival at the club bar. The stadium is easy enough to access from the centre of Brussels. Two policemen guarding a stationary orange cone was the first inkling I had that my phone GPS was functioning correctly.

They run a system where you buy your ticket for a beer (2) from the trustworthy lady, and then try hand it to the overworked teenager behind the bar in exchange for some foamy fabulousness. The drinks were being bought, mostly, in multiples of six, as thats how many the drinks carrier could hold. I decided to peruse the club bar, which reminded me of the bowling club bars I used to see growing up in Scotland, with a couple of yellow and blue scarves and symbols.

I can just imagine some Nanny-State Rock Steady steward turning purple at the news of such anarchy. This was necessary because the club house ran out of beer just before halftime. Both the club and the bar outside the ground were perfectly chilled about this, as it was a solution that suited both parties. The well-hidden buvette behind the terrace is, or at least, was, possibly the slowest bar queue Ive ever waited in. Having spent the whole of half-time waiting, and not really moving, I decided to copy others and hop to the bar outside the stadium and bring my beer in.

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